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“I’ve tried all the latest tricks to make my email list and social media grow, but trying to reach the right customers leaves me frustrated and anxious.” (Sound familiar?!) 


Learn how successful entrepreneurs make money, save time, and avoid extra effort without chasing after the latest platform, newest tools, or shiny objects.

Forget All the Marketing Hype

  • If your TIME is LIMITED and you're tired of GET-RICH-QUICK schemes.
  • If you’re WEARY from constantly CHANGING what you do.
  • If someone else’s CLICK FUNNEL methods are NOT working for you.
  • If you stay BUSY trying NEW strategies with LITTLE results.
  • If your SALES are growing but your PROFITS aren’t.


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Are Things Going As You Planned?

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all experienced moments in business where you think you’re doing everything right, but something is off or keeps missing the mark.

Do you find yourself:

  • Studying what other “gurus” teach.
  • Buying the latest marketing system or platform.
  • Copying and revising words others have written.
  • Implementing new funnels and landing pages.
  • Searching for the right words or messaging to use.
  • Building out courses and recording videos.
  • Writing and creating LOTS of new content.
  • Creating drip campaigns and nurture sequences.
  • Posting socially and offering a STREAM of free things.
Woman in business trying to plan

But for whatever reason, you just can’t seem to grow your list or get responses from prospective customers. Everything you try seems to SUCK up a LOT of your time, and the desired payoff for your efforts seems to never appear.

The dreams you envisioned have been replaced with stress, overwhelm, and hidden fears that you’ll never grow your business or experience success.

What If You Could Make a Few Tweaks and Experience Results?

Imagine what it would feel like to “figure it out” and embrace that “aha moment” where you connect with your audience confidently, no matter what type of marketing solution or strategy you use.

Imagine how you’ll start saving money because you’ve fixed the marketing you were already doing.

Imagine using new strategies for measuring your success, so you make any adjustments as needed.

Imagine how you’ll easily identify price changes that you need to make, so you’re maximizing your profits.

Imagine confidently knowing what words will connect with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Imagine understanding what ‘good email strategy’ looks like so well that you’ve stopped wasting time rethinking everything.

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Find the 'Holy Grail' of Marketing

30-Day Marketing Makeover attendees will hear best practices that are essential for any successful marketing strategy. 

Organized into four 60-minute sessions happening online weekly throughout August, our experienced entrepreneurs will offer you actionable steps and insights for:

  • Addressing commonly overlooked marketing challenges
  • Writing the right words that engage your prospects
  • Using customer research effectively in your copywriting
  • Focusing on the power of one while avoiding shiny objects
  • Creating effective email marketing strategies
  • Tips for selling more and keeping your customers engaged
  • Insights for avoiding common pricing mistakes
  • Assessing what’s working and what’s not working
  • And so much more.

When you register for the low, low price of FREE, you’ll get access to ALL FOUR marketing sessions (live and recorded), the workbook, giveaways, and so much more. 

  • Ask questions when you attend the online, LIVE sessions. 
  • Review the Zoom recordings online as much as you like. 
  • Enhance your existing marketing with easy-to-do exercises along the way.
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Join Us for “30-Day Marketing Makeover” and Learn…


Three Steps to Better Marketing

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui

Stop the marketing activity guessing game by making the RIGHT changes before you spend too much money and don’t get any results. Robert & Kay Lee will help you identify what parts of your current marketing are underperforming, teach you how to fix them, and show you how to find opportunities you may have missed. 


Copy that Connects & Converts

Joy Capps

Do you struggle with knowing what to write? Perhaps filling a blank page with words makes you queasy. Do you wish the words you write created better engagement? Join Joy as she walks you through easy steps for writing words that will connect with your customers and make your business memorable so they think of you when they are ready to buy.


Build “Forever” Customers

Chris Lesner

What if making simple tweaks to your email strategy could create “forever” customers who want more of what you offer? Would you do it? Listen in as Chris offers you quick tips to transform the way you grow your email list while creating an effective marketing program that will help you sell more and keep customers engaged.


Four Common Pricing Mistakes That Eat Profits

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui

Imagine learning steps that will help you identify the right value and pricing for your products and services. Wouldn't it be great to stabilize your business, so you can take it to the next level?  This session will help you experience relief as you learn how to avoid common pricing mistakes and improve your marketing efforts.

Your "30-Day Marketing Makeover" Speakers...

Entrepreneur couple Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui

Power Couples by Design

Entrepreneur Chris Niemeyer

Joy Capps, Chief Communications Strategist

Engaging Business Communications, LLC

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

Chris Lesner, Founder & CEO

Project World Impact

What Others Say...

Robert brings a fresh perspective that helps make the complicated less complex and easy to understand.

Jake Balyeat, Glidewell

Joy will help you learn how to write compelling marketing copy that is aligned with your values.

Shae Bynes, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Robert’s vast experience will help you overcome hidden challenges you may not even know you need to address.

Ben Jesuadasson, Esq., Last Word Law

Chris has his finger on the pulse of what to make email marketing the top driver for your business growth.

William Loca, Starbucks

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  • Learn how to build an email list that will create forever customers
  • Identify what price changes to make, so you maximize profits

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