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If 2020 threw you off your A-game (like it did most of us), then you want to learn steps for regrouping, refocusing, & reaching your goals without the fear of self-sabotage or doubt.

If you’re ready to Achieve Your 2021 Goals…

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Does Your Thinking + Doing = Success?

THINKING about your goals and even writing them down is good.
But ACHIEVING your goals is something else all together.
Add in a little FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, or DOUBT and you've created a recipe for failure.


What if you could REPLACE roadblocks and frustrations with
SYSTEMS and PROCEDURES to help you 
TAKE ACTION while FOCUSING on activities that lead to BUSINESS GROWTH?

This information-packed Power Up Your Business workshop will
help you ACHIEVE (not just set) Your 2021 Goals.


We're Ready When You Are, So Join Us Right Now for $97.

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Are you like 92% of the population?

Studies show that 92% of entrepreneurs don't set goals, and only a small fraction write anything down. It's not surprising that only 8% are goal ACHIEVERS. (Which group do you fall into?!)

Dread, insecurities, and uncertainty sabotage most business owners from taking the necessary steps for moving forward.

Sadly, most people lack the confidence or know-how to take sequential steps they need to act on their potential. (Does that describe you?!)

With so many ideas circling your head, it is easy to see how negative emotions might derail you.

BUT what if you learned to...

Woman in business trying to plan

Eradicate Roadblocks to ACHIEVE Your Goals

If you want to learn how to:
  • Make Money by Organizing Your Time Better
  • Escape the Pain of Doing Activities That Aren’t Your Sweet Spot
  • Gain Confidence and Clarity So You Focus on the RIGHT Goals
  • Plan Big Goals That Are Easier to Achieve
  • Eliminate Any Unnecessary Irons From Your Fire
  • Streamline Processes to Give You More Time Freedom
  • Focus on Priorities Instead of Juggling Whatever Comes Your Way
  • Save Money & Increase Efficiency Through Delegation

Then You Need to Attend This One-Demand Workshop.


Packed with How-To Success Tips, Resources, & Tools You Will Use Immediately Makes the $97 Cost a No-Brainer.

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What Our Clients Experienced...

They break every concept down into the simplest of terms to help us FOCUS, ORGANIZE and EXECUTE. Our goals are now PLAIN, SOLID, and ACHIEVABLE.

Mari Parlade

We are finally CLEAR on what we need to do to make our business GROW as we target our ideal client. Their systems and tools made balancing it all EASY TO DO.

Sharon & Matt Bagley

I DOUBLED my storefront and online SALES, developed new ways to make business connections, and found more resources to learn and GROW personally and professionally.

Jeff Morre

This Virtual Workshop Will 

Power Up Your Business

Learn How-To

Achieve (Not Just Set) Your 2021 Goals

Join Our On-Demand Seminar is Interactive and Packed with Three-Hours of Tools & Resources You Can Use Right Away.

All for Only $97


Session One: Focus & Organization 

Presented by Robert & Kay Lee Fukui of Power Couples by Design

You will:

  • Gain clarity about what you're best at and where you should spend your time.
  • Learn to identify things that are getting in your way and wasting your time.
  • Create plans that help you focus, so you reach your goals while growing your business. 

Session Two: FUD Framework & SMARTER Goals

Presented by Chris Niemeyer of FREEDOM Business System

You will:

  • Identify your FUD (fears, uncertainty, and doubt) with the FUD Framework.
  • Combat negative emotions by writing SMARTER goals that get BIGGER results.
  • Determine your next steps with lead and lag performance measures that will help you reach your incentives.

Session Three: Planning Systems for Married Entrepreneurs

Presented by O.L. and Sway Buckley of Marriedpreneur Life

You will:

  • Receive a balanced macro strategy so your marriage and business thrives.
  • Walk through a system that will ensure your productivity for the next 12 months.
  • Maximize your time, energy, and money when you implement this system.

For ONLY $97 you will receive:

  • Personable instruction from four entrepreneur coaching experts
  • Life-changing success tips that will transform how you plan and achieve your goals.
  • Life-time access to the on-demand workshop
  • Digital workbook tools, and resources
  • How-to guides you will implement immediately
  • More time and money when you apply these practical, action-oriented steps that will deliver on the promise of your success.
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Entrepreneur couple Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui

Power Couples by Design

Entrepreneur Chris Niemeyer

Chris Niemeyer

FREEDOM Business System™

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

O.L. & Sway Buckley

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We learned to go beyond creating a plan and setting goals by strategizing the vision for our business.

Josh & Chrystal

We uncovered obstacles of interference and turned them into clear direction and success we've desired for so long.

Jay & Avis

The breakthroughs in my mindset and lightbulb moments have been really helpful for me. They are among the best coaches.

Jordan Peterson