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Power Up Your Marriage with Greater Intimacy


If your schedule is pulling you apart,

If you talk about everything BUT each other,

If you want to stop fighting and start being heard,

If you’re ready to feel more loved and reconnect as one.

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Have you lost the BALANCE Between WORK & HOME?

Perhaps constant OVERWHELM, STRESS, & EXHAUSTION is pulling you apart.

As a busy entrepreneur couple, you recognize the need to:

  • Harness Peace, Purpose, Passion, and Unity
  • Feel More Secure, Connected, and Intimate
  • Move from Constant Work-Mode to Intentional Fun Together

We get it. All work and no play will make anyone dull and disconnected.

Good News! Helplessness and monotony does NOT have to be your way of life anymore.

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What If Your Marriage Could Move from Bored to Back-In-Love?

Our speakers are ready to give you simple, proven action steps to help you both:

  • Pursue one another intentionally
  • Share needs and expectations easily
  • Change your relationship dynamics positively
  • Put first things first successfully
  • Connect in the bedroom and life continually
  • Switch from conflicted to connected smoothly
  • Move from lonely to linked enthusiastically
  • Build a fulfilling relationship successfully
  • Feel butterflies & loves first blush (again) expectantly
  • and so much more…
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While the Power Up Your Marriage Virtual Experience is for entrepreneur couples, you do not need to have a business or both work in your business to attend. 

If you want to power up your marriage with greater intimacy, then these five virtual ON-DEMAND sessions are for YOU both!

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(Register for FREE. Use the code: POWERUPMARRIAGEFREE at checkout.)

What Our Clients Experienced...

Their marriage class gave us more than we imagined. We laughed, cried, and learned to love again with tools for the road.

Ann & Tommy

They always give us practice tools we can use to make our marriage better. We are so grateful for everything they teach and offer.

Bill & Molly

They always give us practice tools we can use to make our marriage better. We are so grateful for everything they teach and offer.

Bill & Molly

Their insights help unite couples towards a common purpose. Feel more alive without all the heaviness.

Brandon & Melissa

Who’s Teaching Tips to Power Up Your Marriage?

Entrepreneur couple Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

Robert & Kay Lee Fukui

Power Couples by Design

Entrepreneur Chris Niemeyer

Neal & Diane Arnold

Neal & Diane of The Family Collective will help you better understand your emotional-relating style in Fights Happen Because You Don’t Feel Connected.

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

Howard & Danielle Taylor

Howard & Danielle of Marriage On Deck will give you change the dynamics of your relationship and sustain the change in The Marriage Remodel.

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

Pam & Bill Farrel

Pam & Bill of Love-Wise will help you build a rhythm of romance and intimacy for long-lasting marriage in Romantic Rhythms and Rituals.

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

Greg & Julie Gorman

Greg & Julie of Married for a Purpose will help you recapture the euphoria of love long after your first attraction with action steps you’ll use in Giggle & Wiggle.

Entrepreneur couple O.L. and Sway Buckley

Chris & Jamie Bailey

Chris & Jamie of Expedition Marriage will teach you how to put first things first and increase intimacy in Drawing the Line Between Work & Marriage.

How Power Up Your Marriage Works.

Five coaching couples who help other married couples—like you—will offer specific steps you will use to strengthen your marriage and increase your intimacy.

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Your Questions Answered.

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What Others Experienced...

Our marriage went from being on the rocks to new life, deliverance, and transformation using the tools they gave us.

Monique & Tom

They gave us great insight into ourselves and one another, so we now work better as a couple. We are so grateful.

Jeff & Lisa

Talk about inspiring! Their sessions gave us practical ideas, tips, and suggestions along with humorous stories and very creative ideas.

J.L. & Cynthia

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from these folks. They will give you tools that are easy to use and graced with wisdom.

Jamal & Jasmine